You can help

A large number of private citizens have already supported She Decides and you are encouraged to contribute.

Private donations can be made through the online payment option on this website. A bank transfer is also possible:

  • For contributions in EUR: NL53 ABNA 0586 6666 64
  • For contributions in USD: NL98 ABNA 0594 5454 55

All funds will go to organisations that provide information about family planning and sexual health (including on safe abortion) and/or provide related services. Funds will go to organisations that are affected by the Mexico City Policy. The private contributions She Decides receives will be channelled to the organisations that have decided to continue providing information about abortion, post abortion care or safe abortion services (where this is legal) with non-US funding.

The main goals of these organisations are to:

  • keep health clinics open
  • continue providing a full range of sexual and reproductive health services to clients
  • continue advocating for law reforms to reduce the number of unsafe abortions
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The private fundraising accounts of She Decides are managed by Rutgers, an internationally operating NGO on sexual and reproductive health and rights, based in the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the government of the Netherlands. Rutgers has the ANBI status issued by the Internal Revenue Service and holds certificates by the Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). All funds will fully and directly be channelled to the affected organisations. These organisations will deliver certified audit reports to account for their expenses. The reports will be published.

European NGO’s working in the field of sexual health and family (EuroNGOs) have started a petition for NGO’s to sign, applauding the She Decides initiative and to encourage other allies to support She Decides. Over 230 organisations from 65 different countries have signed the petition already.